Local plan 2013-2033

About the local plan 2013-2033

The Local Plan 2013-2033 is a 2-part document which sets out the strategy for development of the District up to 2033. Section 1 is shared with Colchester and Tendring Councils and covers all three authorities.

The formal adoption of the Section 1 Local Plan by Braintree District Council on 22nd February 2021 has the effect of replacing, in part, a number of the strategic policies contained within the Braintree District Core Strategy, adopted in 2011 .

The Braintree District Local Plan Review (2005) and Core Strategy (2011) will both be replaced in full on the formal adoption of Section 2 of Local Plan - which contains further specific local policies and proposals applicable to the Braintree District only.

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The Section 2 Draft which reates only to Braintree District is currently under examination


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