Public inquiry for land west of A131 High Garrett

About the inquiry

This public inquiry will now be held as a virtual event. The event will still be livestreamed and viewable on our Youtube Channel. If you wish to participate or view, arrangements can be made for this to happen at the Councils offices.

The Planning Inspectorate has received an appeal against a planning application submitted relating to a site at Land to the west of the A131, High Garrett.

The appeal is for a residential development of up to 37 dwellings, with all matters reserved except access. Rainier Developments Limited, Samuel Gray and Robert Clarke of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 have made the appeal.

The Secretary of State appointed a Planning Inspector. The Planning Inspector will run the inquiry in the normal way, but due to Coronavirus restrictions will hold it as a virtual event.

The inquiry will start at 10:00 am on 23 November 2021 to determine this appeal.

We do not know how long the inquiry will last. We will update this page with any information about the inquiry.

The Planning Inspector will publish an agenda before the inquiry starts. You will be able to access the agenda from this webpage.

Joining the inquiry

You can take part in or view the inquiry using Microsoft Teams link or a telephone link.

You must email or call the Planning Inspectorate Case Officer to get a joining link before the inquiry begins if you would like to:

  • give your views as a third party
  • observe the planning inquiry

You should read the Inquiry Attendance Information before contacting the Case Officer.

You should also include the Planning Inspectorate reference in your email to the Case Officer.

Participation is at the Planning Inspector’s discretion. We will not be able to assist you with participating in the public inquiry

Appeal details

Appeal document library