New government policy on retail opening hours

The government has announced that shops to can extend their opening hours Monday to Saturday through December and January. They can do this as long as they continue to operate in a covid secure way.

Planning permission or an associated condition have restricted opening hours for some businesses.

If this is the case and the businesses wish to open to the public for longer, they can email the economic development team. They will need to explain how they want to change their opening hours.

We will consider the proposed opening hours as acceptable unless we receive a complaint about the changes. If this happens we will reconsider whether the opening hours are appropriate and contact the business.

Those wishing to raise an issue with store opening hours should use our reporting form.

All stores extending their opening hours need to think about their neighbours and the local area particularly in relation to noise, lighting and parking.  

If a store wishes to open later and carry out licensable activities beyond the terms of the current licence they will need to get a temporary or permanent license.

Economic Development

Address: Causeway House
Bocking End

Telephone: 01376 552525