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Local Plan 2013-2033

The Emerging Plan is the Local Plan 2013-2033 

The Local Plan 2013-2033 is a document in 2 sections which includes all major planning policy for Braintree District. It replaces both the Core Strategy (2011) and the Local Plan Review (2005). 

Section 1 is a strategic plan for North Essex. It was adopted by Braintree District Council in February 2021. It is shared with Colchester and Tendring Councils and covers all three authorities. Section 2 contains policies, maps and sites for development, housing, employment, regeneration etc within Braintree District Council.   

Section 1 Background Documents

Section 2 Background Documents

One of the main requirements in the NPPF is for local authorities to significantly boost their supply of housing and this applies across the Country. A document called a Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) helps the Council work out how many houses are needed and of what type. Following an update in November 2016  the Local Plan target for new homes in the District is based on an annual average of 716 homes for the plan period 2013-2033.

The Local Plan is not just about new homes but must ensure that housing growth is supported by infrastructure, jobs and community facilities. The Council works with key stakeholders such as the NHS, education and highways authorities to ensure that vital community facilities such as schools, GP surgeries and roads and public transport links are in place to support existing residents as well as new communities. Open spaces and community facilities are also protected and new spaces and facilities are supported.

An important part of the Plan is promoting economic growth and prosperity in the District. The Plan ensures that land is available to support new employment areas and that the right jobs can be provided in the right places for local residents.

Updated August 2023

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