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Call for sites 2014

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List of Sites Submitted

It should be made clear that these are sites as submitted to us for consideration - prior to any evaluation, consideration or consultation. 

What is the Call For Sites?

The 'Call for Sites' was an opportunity for developers, landowners and other interested parties to put forward to the Council sites for development within Braintree District that they believe are suitable for development for homes, jobs or other uses. The site suggestions received by us will be used to begin the preparation of the new Local Plan.

The call for sites has not determined if a site should be allocated for development. It is a technical exercise aimed at identifying potential sites for development. All proposals will be considered, but it is unlikely that all sites put forward will be included in the new Local Plan. It is likely that the Council has received many more submissions than it requires to meet housing need and not all sites will be considered suitable for development.

The Call for Sites was held from August until 5 pm on Friday, 24 October 2014. Further sites were accepted during the Issues and Scoping consultation held in early 2015. Further sites were submitted during subsequent consultations as objections to the plan.

Working with adjacent authorities.

Braintree District Council is working closely with adjacent authorities to meet the duty to co-operate on cross-boundary strategic issues, such as meeting housing need. This work will include the consideration of larger sites to meet the combined housing need of authorities in a sustainable way. The Council will accordingly work with adjacent authorities to evaluate proposals for land close to the District boundaries that could potentially form part of a cross-boundary development.

What will happen next?

The information we receive will be used to inform the preparation of the New Local Plan.

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