The Emerging Local Plan - (Now Adopted)

Timetable for the New Local Plan

The production of the Local Plan 2033 was as follows:

Date Project
August & October 2014 Call for Sites.
January 12th 2015 LDF Sub Committee meeting.
January 26th to 6th March 2015 Issues and Scoping document Published for consultation.
December 2015/January 2016 Consideration of detail policies by the Local Plan Sub-Committee.
February-May 2016 Potential development sites considered by the Local Plan Sub-Committee. Various Dates.
Ongoing to June 2017 Collection and consideration of evidence documents to support the new Local Plan including on landscape, open space, economic development and highways.
20th June 2016 Draft preferred options considered by Council.
27th June to 19th August 2016 8 week public consultation period on the draft Local Plan.
September 2016 to May 2017  Consideration of public consultation responses to the draft Local Plan and revisions to the Plan as appropriate. Various Local Plan Sub-committee dates.
5th June 2017 Council consideration of the Pre Submission Draft Local Plan.
16th June to 28th July 2017 Public consultation of the Publication Draft Local Plan (Section 1 & 2).
9th October 2017 Local Plan Submitted to Planning Inspectorate for consideration
Late 2017 to Summer 2019 Section 1 Examination by the Planning Inspector
January 2018 Examination hearings
January 2020 Further Hearing Sessions
Autumn 2020 Section 1 - Inspectors report
Winter 2021 Section 1 adopted 
July 2021  Section 2 - Hearing
Autumn/Winter 2021 Section 2 - Inspectors report and consultation
25th July 2022 Adoption of the Local Plan Section 2 by the Council


Updated October 2022

Planning Policy

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Bocking End

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