New Chairman and Vice Chairman elected to Braintree District Council

Portrait Photo of Chairman Cllr Andrew Hensman
Chairman Cllr Andrew Hensman

Councillor Andrew Hensman has been announced as the new Chairman for Braintree District Council.

Councillor Andrew Hensman has been announced as the new Chairman for Braintree District Council.

Cllr Hensman, who is the ward member for Braintree Central and Beckers Green, was elected as Chairman for Braintree District Council for the civic year 2022/23 at an Annual General Meeting on Monday 25th April, 2022. Cllr Hensman has been a councillor since 2015. Cllr Mrs Diana Garrod has been elected as Vice-Chairman.

Cllr Hensman said: “I am honoured to have been selected as Chairman for the coming civic year. It’s a role with many responsibilities but I’m looking forward to visiting the many people who make up the district and supporting communities and businesses.”

Cllr Hensman will be focusing his civic year on meeting individuals, communities and businesses and promoting the aims and values of the Council in communities. Rather than announcing his chosen charities at the AGM, the Chairman as opted to fundraise throughout the year and make donations to charities and communities he visits to allow chances for emerging causes.

Cllr Hensman is thought to be making history as the first publicly autistic council chairman in the UK. He hopes to inspire others, especially from the autistic community, that with the right support and greater understanding, they too can achieve great things.

The outgoing Chairman of the Council, Cllr Sue Wilson attended 65 engagements in the local community and raised money for local charities.

At the AGM Cllr Wilson said: “I’ve had the honour of being Braintree District Council Chairman for a second term in office and what a wonderful year it has been. Despite the challenges of Covid, I have managed to visit many businesses and organisations and it never ceases to amaze me how much enthusiasm and hard work is carried out by volunteers. Best wishes for the forthcoming year to Cllr Hensman.”

Any organisations, community groups or businesses that would like to invite the Chairman to attend an event should visit

Published: 27th April 2022