New Chairman and Vice Chairman elected for Braintree District Council

Councillor Sue Wilson has been announced as the new Chairman for Braintree District Council.

Cllr Wilson, who is the ward member for Witham Central, was elected as Chairman for Braintree District Council for the civic year 2021/22 at an Annual General Meeting on Monday 19th April, 2021). Cllr Wilson has been a councillor since 2010. Cllr Andrew Hensman has been elected as Vice-Chairman.

Cllr Wilson said: “This year we have begun to see the true impact of the coronavirus pandemic on people, their families, their communities and their jobs or businesses. As a council, our work to support our residents and businesses has never been as vital. I would like my year as Chairman to focus on supporting our communities and businesses through this next hurdle as we adjust to the ‘new normal’.  As the Civic Head of the Council I would like to do whatever I can to help highlight the community spirit we saw over the past year which made a difference to so many.”

Cllr Wilson will announce her chosen charities next month at Full Council.

The outgoing Chairman of the council, Cllr Angela Kilmartin has completed two years as Chairman of Braintree District Council, and despite lockdown she attended 106 engagements in the local community. Despite the constraints of the last year Cllr Kilmartin raised £3,000 for her charities, Marie Curie and Witham Choral Society, which will be split evenly between the two.

Cllr Kilmartin was elected as Chairman in May 2019, her term was extended to two years because of the pandemic.

At the AGM Cllr Kilmartin said: “During my two years as Chairman I am pleased to announce that, despite lockdown, £3000 has been raised. I would like to thank all those who have participated in events and contributed to my fundraising efforts. Without their support these donations would not have been possible.”                                                 

The money raised for Marie Curie will go towards the charity's overnight nursing service which helps people who are dying but wish to die in their own home. The charity said: “The pandemic has hit our charity hard as fundraising activities ground to a halt so we are very appreciative of this donation.” 

Patrick McCarthy, Musical Director of Witham Choral, said: “Our thanks to Angela Kilmartin for making us one of her charities and for her generous contribution to our funds. Witham Choral is very much part of the Witham community and we were delighted to be chosen by Angela during her year (which became two years) as Chair of Braintree District Council. Witham Choral Society was originally formed in 1957 and our members enjoy bringing choral music to the local community.”   

Published: 21st April 2021