Business case is developing for the creation of a community centre in Witham

We are working with the community in Witham to consider the creation of a new community centre.

Engagement with local community groups suggests that residents near Maltings Lane would like to see the build of a new multi-use community centre which includes a main hall, meeting rooms, café and social area and changing rooms to serve sports players using the adjacent football pitches.

Plans for the community centre are developing and discussions on the proposals for its operation are continuing with potential tenants.

A detailed business case is to be developed over the coming months and once completed will be presented to Braintree District Council Members and local community groups for consideration. The business case will include what the building will look like and how it will function, projected costs and income and the expected return on investment.

If built, the centre will be paid for in part by several developers who pledged to invest in community facilities when planning was approved for the build of new homes in the area. The land for the facility was transferred to the Council from a housing developer when planning permission was granted for the build of new homes on Maltings Lane.

If the business case and the budget is approved, a detailed planning application will be submitted for consideration.

If plans go-ahead, the building will be located behind the Aldi supermarket on Hatfield Road and will serve the local area.

Cllr Frankie Ricci, Cabinet Member for Communities, Culture and Tourism at Braintree District Council, said: “Community centres play an important role in serving our communities because they offer a sense of place and an opportunity for people to meet and interact socially. Our ambition is to create a welcoming social and community base for all generations. If our plans come to fruition, we want it to be a place that people of all ages can use and enjoy at all times.”

Published: 12th March 2021