Job Profile for Horticulture Team Leader

Job Details

Job title: Horticulture Team Leader 

Salary/Grade: Operational Grade SCP 15-17

Service: Operations

Reports to: Parks and Open Spaces Supervisor

Manages/Supervises: Horticultural Operatives

Job purpose

  • As a working Horticulture Team Leader to attend sites and work with teams to help keep the District looking 'clean and green' by promoting and supporting a range of Grounds Maintenance activities to enhance the well-being and quality of life for residents and visitors.
  • Assist the Parks and Open Spaces Supervisor in the day-to-day operational management of the Horticultural Operatives including work planning, organisation, supervision and monitoring of staff and other resources.
  • To support and contribute through high levels of performance and productivity services that represents value for money and the key principles of Best Value.

Principal Accountabilities

  • To assist with the organisation and supervision of the horticulture section in order to achieve day to day operational objectives, including the performance and quality of work output in this section.
  • To assist in the arrangement of the day-to-day activities of the Horticulture team, including transport, plant and equipment and the making of any special arrangements necessary to achieve daily targets/programmes within agreed priorities.
  • Ensure that vehicles, plant and equipment within the section are maintained in good order and all related paperwork is correctly filled in. Ensure that all defects are accurately identified, reports and resolved.
  • To undertake administration duties and completion of relevant documentation in accordance with systems and procedures.
  • To assist with team meetings and maintain effective communication with all staff and customers.
  • To be conversant with Health and Safety requirements relating to the work, monitor and manage the safety of working environments ensuring adherence to safe working practices and to take all necessary and appropriate remedial action.
  • Encouraging Horticulture Operatives to be safety minded and ensuring that the Health and Safety and general welfare of the workforce and others are maintained.
  • To report any issues to the Parks & Open Spaces Supervisor. Carry out dynamic risk assessments when required.
  • Undertake site inspections and monitoring, maintain records and deal with any issues arising from inspections.
  • Investigate and respond to queries/complaints relating to the horticulture operation and take appropriate action.
  • Comply with the Council’s sickness absence procedure by completing all sickness absence documentation when covering for the Parks & Open Spaces Supervisor.
  • To assist with the procurement of materials, supplies and equipment in accordance with the Council’s procurement policy, financial regulations and standing orders.
  • To undertake any additional training necessary to meet the requirements of the role.
  • Arrange and participate in team meetings, providing verbal and written information as required on all activities regarding the services.

Corporate Accountabilities

  • To take responsibility for maintaining own health and attendance.
  • To support, contribute and comply with quality and governance procedures as directed by management.
  • To apply and actively promote the principles of the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy in all areas of employment and service delivery.
  • Any other associated duties detailed by Head of Service or his representative.
  • To advise Line manager if, at any time, the above duties and responsibilities cannot be performed.
  • Any other duties as required to support the business, including maintaining business continuity and during civil emergencies. All staff may on occasions be called upon to support the Council to deal with emergency situations affecting the community we serve. In the event of an emergency or a rehearsal for such an event, you may be required to attend at times and at locations outside of the normal hours and duties of the post and to adopt duties directed by the Chief Executive or their nominated representative for the duration of the emergency situation.
  • To apply and actively promote the principles of the Council’s Safeguarding Procedure in all areas of employment and service delivery.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience

(Tested at application and interview stage)

Experience & Qualifications

  • Experience of working in Grounds Maintenance (Horticulture)
  • Experience of working in an outdoor manual job role
  • Qualifications or training in Grounds Maintenance (Horticulture) – NVQ Level 2 and above or equivalent
  • Qualification/training and/or detailed knowledge in health and safety relevant to the job role, including manual handling, risk assessments and safe working practices
  • A full clean driving licence.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Ability to work to high standards with a positive and proactive attitude
  • Sets a personal example of commitment and enthusiasm
  • Ability to work on own initiative and effectively lead, supervise and motivate a team of Operatives
  • Ability to organise and plan work and rotas and achieve deadlines
  • Literacy, numeracy and IT skills in order to fulfil the requirements of the role
  • Excellent Customer service skills and previous experience of working with customers
  • Service delivery focused.
  • Excellent communication skills.


(Tested at the interview stage)

Communicating Effectively 

Demonstrate the effective use of the range of communication methods available: written, spoken, electronic, and use these methods in appropriate ways suitable to the context and situation:

  • present spoken communication in a polite, friendly and respectful manner seeking to ensure mutual understanding
  • listen well and seek clarification and understanding, avoiding jumping to conclusions or making assumptions
  • present information and ideas in a clear and understandable way which avoids jargon
  • seek to understand the communication needs of colleagues and customers, being mindful of equality issues and the diverse needs of the range of people we work with
  • choose the most appropriate method of communication for the situation, seeking to avoid using one fixed style or approach

Performing efficiently and effectively 

Promote good performance, developing clear, structured and efficient ways of managing workload and delivering results.  Staff should challenge themselves and others to perform well, and to adhere to the Council’s performance management systems:

  • ensure that all work carried out by you is in line with business and service plans and supports the overall aims and ambition of the Council
  • plan your workload effectively, reporting achievements and problems to appropriate managers and project leaders
  • see tasks and objectives through to completion
  • approach challenges with drive and enthusiasm
  • strive for continuous improvement in your work and manage your learning and development to enable you to perform to the best of your ability

Using and managing resources efficiently and effectively 

Demonstrate the effective and efficient use of the full range of resources used in and by the Council including time, finances, staffing, equipment, information, materials, buildings, etc:

  • take responsibility for managing your time, seeking efficient ways to carry out your work, maximising your output and minimising wastage
  • use and acquire materials effectively and efficiently minimising wastage, recycling where possible, and striving for cost effectiveness
  • seek out ways to improve the use of resources

Engaging with the customer

Understand the needs and requirements of your customers, to provide excellent customer service, and to involve customers in the improvement of services:

  • provide a helpful and friendly service to customers both internally and externally
  • take responsibility for following up on enquiries and solving customer issues
  • make efforts to fully understand the customer’s needs and avoid assuming that “we know best”
  • ensure that you have a full understanding of the needs and requirements of the customer
  • seek feedback from internal and external customers on the effectiveness and efficiency of the service you provide

Working well together

Actively foster good working relationships with colleagues and customers in order to collectively achieve the Council’s direction and ambition:

  • co-operate and work well with colleagues at all levels of the organisation seeking collective responsibility for the achievement of goals
  • demonstrate consideration, and respect for other’s feelings and opinions and avoid judging and making assumptions
  • maintain positive working relationships with external contacts in order to maintain the reputation of the Council
  • seek to actively solve problems and avoid passing the issue on to others or leaving the problem unresolved
  • demonstrate self-awareness of your style of working and develop flexibility and adaptability in order to work well with others

Other conditions

  • This post does require a DBS check 
  • This post is not politically restricted

Job Profile Updated  January 2023

Values and Behaviours

We have corporate values and behaviours that set the standard for the organisation and all our staff. These are integrated in all we do including recruitment, induction, performance review, apprenticeships and all our learning and development programmes.

  • P - Perform well and get things done
  • R - Respect and value customers and staff
  • I - Improve and learn
  • D - Deliver that bit extra
  • E - Efficient and effective

Following a number of workshops, which were attended by more than 100 members of staff from across all levels of the organisation, we have now developed a series of behaviours to support our PRIDE values.

Moving forward these will be implemented across the Council and will be used as part of performance reviews, induction procedures, the apprenticeship programme, and all training interventions.

P, Perform well and get things done

We will: We will not:
Take responsibility for our actions and be accountable Be negative or disruptive
Be positive, show enthusiasm and energy - it's infectious Be resistant to change 
Be flexible and adaptable to get things done  Put things off or ignore colleagues and customers 
Work well together and be committed to what we do Fail to manage our own performance 

R, Respect and value customers and staff

We will: We will not:
Be open and honest Be unhelpful or say 'It's not my job'
Listen and focus on customers' needs Say one thing and do another 
Be open-minded and treat everyone fairly  Disregard the views and opinions of others 

Support or tolerate a blame culture

I, Improve and learn

We will: We will not: 
Create opportunities for everyone to improve Cover up our mistakes 
Take ownership for our own development  Keep getting the same things wrong 
Share lessons learnt and help colleagues  Ignore customer feedback 
Welcome questions and challenges to help us do things better   

D, Deliver that bit extra

We will: We will not:
Focus on solutions, not problems Stick to methods that don't work or are outdated 
Be open to new ideas and aim high  Make promises we can't keep 
Have a 'can do' attitude  Work in isolation and only care about our own jobs 
Be proud of what we do  

E, Efficient and effective

We will: We will not:
Make the best use of the resources available to us Waste resources 
Communicate clearly with the right people at the right time Be unhelpful or rude 
Respond promptly to customers' requests  Be closed-minded and say 'I've always done it this way' 
Seek new ways of working to do our jobs more effectively Undermine change or improvements
Be open to new ideas, challenge the status quo and create novel solutions Fail to support the Council's move towards a more commercial culture
Recognise and act upon commercial or efficiency opportunities  Delay responses unnecessarily to colleagues or residents
Strive to support new initiatives and a more commercial culture  

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