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Manor and Victoria Street - Car park closures

Manor and Victoria Street - Car park closures

When are the car parks closing?

Manor Street, Victoria Street and Braintree Town Hall car parks are now CLOSED before construction work starts on the Manor Street regeneration which will bring a new twin level car park, bigger bus interchange, a ‘Livewell’ health hub, homes and other services into the town centre.

Where else can I park?

The alternative council owned car parking options are as follows:

  George Yard Multi-Storey Station Approach Causeway House
Length of Stay Short Short and Long Short
Parking Spaces 715 135 212
Disabled Bays 39 3 13
Days Open Mon-Sun Mon-Sun Sat-Sun
Postcode CM7 1GF CM7 3QL CM7 9HB
Walking distance to the Town hall 0.2 miles (5 mins) 0.2 miles (5 mins) 0.4 miles (8 mins)

Sainsbury's and Tesco car parks are also open to the public and offer free parking for customers.

The Tesco car park is free for the first 15 minutes and offers free parking vouchers for up to 3 hours if you spend £5 or more. 

The Sainsbury's car park is free for the first 30 minutes. It is a pay and display car park with refunds available to customers who spend £5 or more as long as the stay is no longer than 2 hours.

You can also reserve a space at the Sainsbury's car park online (via Horizon Parking). You can book long stay spaces using the Horizon Spaces website.

  Sainsbury's Tesco 
Length of Stay Short and Long Short
Days Open Mon-Sun Mon-Sun
Postcode CM7 1XH CM7 3HQ
Walking distance to the Town hall 0.09 miles (2 mins) 0.06 miles (1 min)

Where are the alternative car parks?

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I don’t want to pay more for parking. How do the prices compare?

It will not cost more to park at any of our other car parks. The costs for the other options are equal or cheaper in price.

If you usually park at Manor Street, it will not cost you more to park at either George Yard or Causeway House – regardless of the length of stay. Parking at Station Approach in comparison is cheaper the longer (3 + hours) the stay.

Station Approach is cheaper than Victoria Street for short stay options and is the same price the longer the stay (6 + hours).

The cost of parking at all our car parks is cheaper on a Sunday at 50p (with a concessionary charge of 10p for George Yard).

For more details view our Braintree carparks directory 

Where are the closest alternative car parks to Manor and Victoria Street?

The Tesco and Sainsbury's car parks are the closest alternatives. These options are a few minutes walk from the Town Hall.

George Yard and Station Approach car parks are the two other options and are a 5 minute walk from the Town Hall.

What if I’m a blue badge holder?

All of our car parks have disabled bays available for blue badge holders. There are also 6 spaces for blue badge holders on Market Place, opposite The Bull.

Where can I park overnight?

Residents can park overnight at all the council owned car parks.

Parking is available from 7pm to 7am at George Yard and Station Approach (all week) and Causeway House (Saturday to Sunday only) for a 50p fee.

The George Yard car park is secured at 7.30pm from Monday to Saturday and from 5.30pm on a Sunday.

Overnight season tickets are available on the Parking Partnership website.

Station Approach and Sainsbury's car parks are available for use 24 hours a day, however, the Sainsbury's car park is only lit up until 10pm.

What if I’m a season ticket holder? 

North Essex Parking Partnership will be writing to all season permit holders to offer up alternative car parking options or to provide a refund where applicable. 

If you have any questions about your permit contact North Essex Parking Partnership.

How long will the car parks be closed?

The car parks will stay closed for the duration of the 2 year build. A twin level car park is being built as part of the Manor Street regeneration to replace the current car parks.

Find out more information on the Manor Street regeneration scheme.