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Standing as a Town and Parish Councillor

Standing as a Town and Parish Councillor


We are fast approaching the time when our respective Councils are dissolved and Councillors decide whether to stand down or seek re-election. 

As Returning Officer for the Braintree administrative area, I am responsible for all Electoral Registration and the overall conduct of Elections. It is my hope that you, as either Clerk or Councillor, will find the notes contained within this guide both informative and helpful.

I have summarised below key points.

  • The ordinary Town/Parish elections are scheduled to be held on 2 May 2019.
  • On 2 May 2019, ALL seats are offered for election.
  • Existing Councillors will, however, remain in post until they officially retire on 6 May  2019 (four days after the day of the election), when the new council comes into office. 
  • Any Town/Parish Councillors who would like to continue to be a Councillor MUST seek re-election by, in the first instance, completing and submitting the statutory Nomination Paper to the Returning Officer, there is no alternative process.
  • Where there are more Nominated Candidates than seats, formal elections will be held and combined with elections to Braintree District Council.

Andy Wright Returning Officer.