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Welfare Reform

Welfare Reform

The Benefit Cap and Under Occupancy Rule (Bedroom Tax)

From late 2016, the cap on the total amount of benefit you can receive was lowered. The Government will add up how much money you get from a range of benefits, including: housing benefit, jobseekers allowance, employment support allowance, child benefit, child tax credit and carers allowance.

If the total comes to more than the maximum allowed of £20,000 a year (for families living in the local area), then your housing benefit payments will be reduced.

Find out more about the benefit cap

Removal of spare room subsidy (Bedroom Tax)

Since April 2013, your Housing Benefit may be reduced if you live in a Council or housing association property and have one or more spare bedrooms. Use the Bedroom calculator to find out if you are affected.

For more information go to the shelter website.

Welfare Reform Calculator

If you are not on Universal Credit you can use the welfare reform calculator to see how you could be affected.

Moving from Housing Benefit to Universal Credit

If you move from Housing Benefit to Universal Credit, you Housing Benefit will continue to be paid for 2 weeks after you claim Universal Credit.

For more information visit the website.