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How long does it take to get housed?

How long does it take to get housed from the housing register?

Housing association homes are typically let to housing register applicants in the highest priority band and who have been waiting the longest. 

There are many factors that can influence how long it can take to be housed from the register. 

These include:

  • How urgent a households housing needs are
  • How long they have been waiting
  • What size of property they need
  • What type of property they need
  • Where they want to live

Housing StatNav

The Housing StatNav website provides information about average waiting times to be housed in different areas across the Braintree District.  This information is an indication of how long a household could expect to wait to be housed and therefore can be used to help housing register applicants make decisions about their housing situation.

Rural housing

Some affordable homes in rural areas are let differently and in accordance to a local lettings policy where an applicant’s connection to an area is given great priority than housing need. Follow the link for rural housing in the Useful Links box on the right hand side for further information about rural housing.