Apply to The Housing Register

The Housing Register - how it all works

Step 1: Applying for housing

To apply for housing, you must first join the housing register by going to the Greater Haven Gateway website and complete the online registration form.  Once you have registered, you will then be able to complete the online application form.  

Step 2: Assessment of need

Your application will be assessed and you will be placed into one of five bands. We will then write to you explaining the band you have been allocated to with the date your application becomes effective. This is usually the date you apply although there will be special rules for people whose circumstances change.

Step 3: Advertising available homes

Properties will be advertised on the Gateway to Homechoice website, at local council offices and in a property newsletter that is sent to housing associations, voluntary agencies and other agencies who request it.   Vulnerable applicants in the priority bands (bands A,B and C) will also be sent a newsletter.

Advertisements will include a description of the property and other relevant information, for example the rent charge, number of bedrooms and any disabled adaptations or other special facilities.

The property will be labelled to show who it is suitable for and any other specific criteria that needs to be met for example if a local connection is required or if there is an age restriction on the property.

Step 4: Expressing interest in available homes

To be considered for an available property you will need to express an interest (make a bid).  This can be done by using the Gateway to Homechoice website, calling or visiting the council offices.

You will be able to make expressions of interest each advertising cycle on two properties that you are eligible for based on your assessed needs.

You may not be eligible for a property because:

  • Your bedroom requirement is different to the number of bedrooms in the property;
  • You do not meet the criteria of a local lettings policy;
  • There are disabled adaptations that you do not need; and
  • There is an age restriction on the property.

Support is available for those who require assistance making bids.  

If you regularly bid on properties that are unsuitable for you, you will be contacted and assistance will be provided to help you make better use of your bids.

Step 5: Making an offer of accommodation

Once the advertising cycle for the property has closed, a shortlist of applicants will be produced for each property.

Generally, offers of accommodation are made to applicants who placed a bid on the property, who are in the highest priority band and who have been waiting the longest.

Step 6: Viewing of a property

Once a shortlist is produced the applicant with the highest priority who meets the advertised criteria will be invited to view the property. In most cases you can refuse a property after viewing without any penalty.

Step 7: Feedback

Feedback will be provided on all properties let through the CBL scheme on a regular basis. This is to help provide an open and transparent service.

Feedback details may include the band and effective date of the applicant who was allocated the property and the total number of applicants who expressed an interest in the property. No personal information will be disclosed. You will be able to receive individual feedback on your bidding for each property through the website or by contacting one of the partner organisations (housing associations and councils in the scheme).

What do I need to do now?

You should apply as a new applicant using an online application form by visiting the Gateway to Homechoice website.  After you have completed the application form, we will write to you informing you of your banding.

Where can I Register & Bid?

Computers are available in the Council Offices and in local Libraries.

During busy times at the Council you may be offered an appointment to use the computers and this will ensure that you have an hour time slot to complete your application form.

If you do not have access to a computer or a family member or friend cannot assist with your application,  you can contact the Council to arrange a time for a member of staff to call you back to complete your application over the phone.

We aim to process new applications to the housing register within 28 days.  Updates to expected application processing times are available on the Gateway to Homechoice website (link to website in box on the right hand side).