Emergency Planning Information

Braintree District Community Risk Register

What is the Braintree District Community Risk Register?

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 places duties upon local responders, industry and voluntary organisations. One requirement of local authorities is the duty to develop a Community Risk Register (CRR).  Plans for the District are informed by risk registers produced by:

The Civil Contingencies Secretariat (central government) – identify national hazards and threats

Essex Civil Protection and Emergency Management (on behalf of Essex County Council) – identify hazards and threats from central government and apply them to the County

From these two sources, the Council will then identify potential hazards or risks within the District. Hazards or risks that have a high likelihood of occurring, or have the potential to cause a significant impact to the community will inform the need for contingency planning.

More information on the CRR process, including the register for the Braintree District can be found here