Community and Business Resilience

Business Continuity

Did you know?

Every year 1 in 5 businesses face a major disruption to their services.  1 in 10 of these will cease trading. How would your organisation cope with the following?

  • Medium to long term loss of mains electricity, gas or water
  • Fuel strike affecting access to petrol or diesel
  • Internet and telephone connection loss
  • Supply chain disruption, what would you do if your product was not delivered?
  • Loss of access to your premises
  • Significant disruption to transport
  • Cyber-attack (DDoS, malware etc.)
  • Significant reduction in staff (flu pandemic or widespread virus)

On top of all that, do you know?

  • Who to contact for advice during an incident?
  • Where to find emergency contact details, including next of kin contacts?
  • Where to get staff with additional skills which could help in an emergency?
  • How you would communicate with your staff during an incident?
  • How you could mitigate effects to your business as best practicable?

Braintree District Council has provided an easy to use and quick “10 minute checklist” and a “Business Continuity Handbook” that gives advice to business owners and walks you through each step to prepare a business continuity plan which in turn will help you deal with situations similar to the examples above.