Animal Licensing

Dog Breeding Licences

Establishments used for the breeding of dogs are controlled by the Breeding of Dogs Act 1973 and require a licence from their Local Authority subject to the applicant not having any previous disqualifications

A breeding establishment should be licensed when four or more litters is bred within a 12 month period whether the bitches are kept on the premises or not.

The annual fee to apply for a breeding establishment licence is £178.00. 

Apply for a breeding establishment licence

It is an offence to operating a breeding business without a licence from your Local Authority. If convicted of operating an establishment without a licence, you may be fined and disqualified from operating a dog breeding establishment and from keeping an animal for such length of time the Court thinks fit.

Your right to appeal

Any person aggrieved by a refusal to be granted a licence or by any conditions to which a licence is subject may appeal to the Magistrates Courts who may give such directions regarding the licence or its conditions as it thinks proper.