Animal Licensing

Riding Establishment Licences

To apply or renew a Riding Establishment Licence, please follow the links below:-

Apply for a riding establishment licence Apply to renew a riding establishment licence

The fee for this licence is £250.00.

The provisions of the Riding Establishments Act 1964 and 1970 require a person who is keeping a Riding Establishment to hold a licence.

With a few exceptions a Riding Establishment is a place at which horses are kept for the purpose of being let out on hire for riding or kept for the purpose of being used in providing, in return for payment, instruction in riding.

You should ensure that you have all necessary approvals prior to making application for licence. 

In order to obtain a licence the applicant must satisfy the Council that they are suitable and qualified, either by experience in the management of horses or by being the holder of an approved certificate or by employing in the management of the riding establishment a person so qualified, to be the holder of such a licence.

Riding establishments licence - the following must be secured:

  • That paramount consideration will be given to the condition of the horses and that they will be maintained in good health, and in all respects physically fit for the purpose.
  • That the feet of all animals are properly trimmed and ,if appropriate, shod.
  • That there will be available at all times accommodation for horses suitable as respects size, construction, lighting, ventilation, drainage and cleanliness.
  • That in the case of horses kept at grass shall have , as necessary, adequate pasture , shelter, water and supplementary feeds when required.
  • That other horses shall be adequately supplied with suitable food , drink and bedding material, and that they are exercised , groomed, rested and visited at suitable intervals.
  • That all reasonable steps are taken to prevent the spread of infectious or contagious disease and that veterinary first aid equipment materials are kept at the premises.
  • That appropriate steps are taken to ensure the protection and extrication of horses in the case of fire.
  • That the name and address of the licence holder or other responsible person be displayed outside the premises.
  • That adequate accommodation is made for forage, bedding, stable equipment, and saddlery.
  • Ensure that all equipment is in good repair and fit for its intended purpose.