Do I live in a Conservation Area?

Do I live in a Conservation Area?

Conservation area restrictions

If you do live in a Conservation Area there are additional restrictions, as set out below.


Planning permission is required for the following:

  • Demolish a building with a volume of more than 115 cubic metres
  • Demolish a gate, fence, wall or railing over 1m high where it adjoins a highway or public open space
  • Demolish a gate, fence, wall or railing over 2 metres high elsewhere.

Domestic Buildings

The extent of works that can be undertaken without the need for planning permission (Permitted Development Rights) is reduced for domestic buildings within Conservation Areas, for example the external cladding of a dwellinghouse.  You can check details of these restrictions using the Interactive House on the Planning Portal website.  Always check with the Duty Planner before undertaking any work.

Silver End

The village of Silver End was founded between 1926 and 1932 as a ‘garden village’ and is recognised as holding an important place in the history of modern architecture and planning. However, the character and appearance of the village was eroded over the years as a result of unsympathetic alterations and extensions.

Therefore in 1983 Braintree District Council introduced an Article 4 Direction for the Silver End Conservation Area. The Article 4 Direction removes some of the permitted development rights for properties within the area and mean that planning permission will be required for work. You can use our interactive map to check whether your property is covered by the Article 4 Direction.

The Silver End Conservation Guide sets out the full list of work that requires planning permission.

We have put together a helpful guidance note on what to submit when applying for works that require planning permission because of the Article 4 Direction. View the Silver End validation checklist


Trees in Conservation Areas are also protected. An application should be made to the Council’s Landscape Services department for the cutting down, uprooting, topping or lopping of a tree having a diameter greater than 75mm (or the cutting down or uprooting of a tree having a diameter greater than 100mm in order to improve the growth of other trees) measured at a point 1.5 metres above ground level. Find further information about conservation areas

Satellite Dishes

Satellite dishes and antenna are not permitted on a chimney, wall or roof slope which both faces onto and is visible from a road.