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Livewell in the Braintree District

Livewell in the Braintree District

What is the Livewell Campaign?

live well

The campaign has been set up to help reduce levels of adult obesity and reduce levels of hip fractures in the over 65s. Mid Essex health profiles show that in the Braintree District, there are a higher than average number of obese adults and older people suffering from hip fractures.

Livewell Bulletin 

This Health and Wellbeing bulletin will be produced on a bi yearly basis to update you on the work of the Braintree District Council’s Health and Wellbeing Panel and its partners.

Who is involved in the livewell campaign?

The livewell programme focuses upon working with 13 local authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups and a number of health partners.

How can the Livewell campaign help me?

The Livewell website was set up to give a local guide to health and wellbeing in the Braintree district for you and your family.

The website features:

 Keep informed

Live tweets