Fake GOV.UK Emails and Phone Calls

Please be aware we have received reports of fake emails and phone calls pretending to be from GOV.UK being sent to customers in the Braintree District. Please read our news story for more information.

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Stray & lost dogs

Report a stray dog online

If you find a stray dog you can report it to us by contacting us on 01376 552525. If you find a dog out of office hours, please contact us on the same number and leave your details and you will receive a call back as soon as possible.

Any strays seized by the Local Authority will be held for 7 days and if not claimed after these days, will become the property of the Local Authority. 

 On Sundays and Bank Holidays stray dogs can be registered with the council but we will be unable to take them in. A local vet may be prepared to accept a stray dog and/or check them  for a microchip.   

If you lose your dog

If you lose your dog in the District please complete the online form and we can let you know if the dog is found. If you later find your dog please let us know.