Fake GOV.UK Emails and Phone Calls

Please be aware we have received reports of fake emails and phone calls pretending to be from GOV.UK being sent to customers in the Braintree District. Please read our news story for more information.

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Noisy/ barking dogs

Report a barking dog

Report a noisy/ barking dog

A dog can be expected to bark to a reasonable extent but a dog which barks constantly for hours can be a nuisance.

Will my complaint be treated in confidence?

Please rest assured that all complaints are treated in the strictest confidence.

What information will I need to provide? 

Be prepared to give your details as well as details of where the dog lives. You may be asked to complete a diary sheet which may indicate whether a statutory nuisance exists. 

Advice for owners

If you believe your dog may be barking excessively and need some advice please call us on 01376 552525 for assistance.