Pest control

Our service

Trained, friendly staff

Our Pest Control Officers are constantly trained in all the latest treatments and processes offering you up to date effective pest control treatments.


We have two Pest Control Officers with over 20 years of experience in pest control practices, they are able to offer you comprehensive advice on any pest problem you experience.  They will also take the time to discuss any concerns you may have and give you valuable information about how to avoid a reoccurrence of a pest problem, if applicable.

Be safe, our officers carry identification cards and are happy to provide them. 


Our vans are marked with the Braintree District Council logo, but do not have pest control printed on them, so you can be assured you will receive a discreet service.


Rats and Mice-Up to a maximum of 4 visits. On the final visit, we will remove any bait boxes/unused poison. In the unlikely event that further visits are necessary, these will be charged separately.

Fleas- In the majority of cases a single treatment is sufficient. However, if a follow up visit is required between 10-14 days after the initial treatment, this will be carried out free of charge.