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Neighbourhood planning

Neighbourhood planning

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

The Localism Act 2011 introduced a right for local communities to draw up a new type of community led plan called a Neighbourhood Plan. A Neighbourhood Development Order can also be prepared which removes the need for a separate planning application to take the proposed development forward.

Communities must first apply to Braintree District Council to designate a neighbourhood area before starting to produce a Neighbourhood Plan or Order. The Council has a duty to support neighbourhood plans; please read How Braintree District Council can support Neighbourhood Plan Groups plus further useful documents for further information about the process and the support that BDC can give you.

Once a neighbourhood plan or order has been prepared the council will appoint an independent examiner to check it meets basic standards. The Council will organise a referendum of people in the community. The community has the final say on whether a neighbourhood plan or order comes into force.

Neighbourhood Plans in Braintree District

Neighbourhood plans are being prepared in the following areas:

Updated August 2019