Core Strategy and Proposals Map

Core Strategy and Proposals Map

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What is the core strategy?

The Core Strategy sets out the vision, objectives and strategy for the development of the District up to 2026 and was adopted in September 2011.

It contains a number of core policies that replace some Local Plan Review policies.

The Core Strategy is accompanied by the Proposals Map, which replaces the Local Plan Review Proposals Map.  (The inset maps shown on the Core Strategy Proposals Map are that of the existing Local Plan Review, until they are replaced with the New Local Plan.)

A Sustainability Appraisal, Strategic Environmental Assessment, and Habitats Regulation Assessment of the Core Strategy were undertaken to evaluate the sustainability of the proposed strategy, policies and options.


The Core Strategy identifies four strategic Growth Locations, which will act as a focus for future development in the District, and two key regeneration areas in order to promote the economic viability of the key service villages.

In each case, the Core Strategy requires Masterplans to be prepared, to set a framework for future planning applications:

Buy a Core Strategy

The Core Strategy is available to buy at a cost of £25.00 plus postage or from: -

Development Services Reception
Causeway House
Bocking End

Copies are also available for reference at Causeway House and public libraries in Braintree District.