Planning appeals

Appealing a planning decision

Who can appeal a planning decision?

Only the applicant has the right to appeal.

Why would you appeal a planning decision?

If you disagree with the refusal of your application for planning permission or a condition attached to your permission, you have a right to appeal against the decision.

How to make an appeal

Make a planning appeal to the Planning Inspectorate

Appeals can be made online via the Planning Portal by completing a planning appeal form. Once you have completed the appeal form, you will be given the opportunity to save a copy for your records. A copy of the completed form will need to be sent either by

Alternatively, paper copies of the form may be requested from the Planning Inspectorate by contacting customer services on 0303 444 5000. Three copies of the form must be completed - one to be kept for your records and the others sent by post to:

The Planning Inspectorate and the Planning appeals officer

  • For Enforcement and Lawful Development Appeals: PO Box 326, Bristol, BS99 7XF
  • For all other appeals: Registry/Scanning, Room 3/01 Kite Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN
  • The Planning Appeals Officer, Development Management, Braintree District Council, Causeway House, Braintree, Essex, CM7 9HB

Appeal status

Planning appeal details including statements, decisions etc. can be viewed using our Public Access Online Planning Register.  Please search against the original planning application reference.  The Appeal Status on the Summary tab will show the decision or if the appeal is still in progress.  To view the documents for the appeal, including the decision once made, click on the Related Cases tab and then click on the Appeal description.

Please note:

Appeals can be costly and time consuming for both the Council and the applicant. Before you appeal it may be worthwhile discussing with the case officer why your proposal was refused and whether any changes to the proposal would be acceptable. A second planning application for a similar proposal submitted within twelve months of a refusal does not need a further fee.

For further guidance on Planning Appeals please see the Planning Portal and Planning Inspectorate websites.