Planning application forms

Documents and Drawings Required

Validation of planning applications

To make a valid planning application, there are statutory and local information requirements which apply to each application type. These are commonly known as the National and Local Lists. 

National requirements apply to all planning applications in England. Local requirements are set by the local planning authority having regard to local policies and constraints and are relied upon for a successful determination. We have combined our local list with the national requirements and the full list can be viewed here.

The combined use of the national and local lists mean that both the Council and applicants can be more sure about the type of information required at the outset. It also helps to ensure that the information requested is proportionate to the type and scale of application being made.

All planning applications require a site location plan and block plan showing the location and boundaries of the site. The Planning Portal provides a 'Buy a Plan' service where you can purchase appropriate location and block plans for your application.

Different types of applications

The information required varies according to the type of application.  Against each application type there is a Validation Checklist which explains the additional documents that are required for your application. The document Description of Local Requirements gives further details on the level of information required.

Any planning application that fails to meet the criteria will not be registered and will result in delays in the determination of your application. Please note that only one set of plans and accompanying documents are needed for applications submitted in hard copy (i.e. non-electronic).

If you require assistance in submitting your application in accordance with the requirements listed, please phone our Duty Planner who is available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9.30 and 11.30 on 01376 557705 during these times.

The current list will be reviewed every two years (as recommended by the Government) and any minor amendments to take account of statutory changes or Government Guidance will be made as and when necessary.