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Making a building regulation application

Making a building regulation application

Building Notice Application

Apply for a Building notice

Apply online for a building control notice

A building notice is appropriate for minor alterations and/or small extensions to existing houses.

A building notice is a formal written notice that you give to the Council. It informs the Council that you intend to carry out building work. You do not have to submit detailed drawings and specifications with the building notice. However the Council can request certain additional information to be supplied where they think it is necessary.

A building notice can only be used for:

  • the construction of new houses where they are not sited along a private street or
  • the extension or alteration of existing houses

You will need to submit a full plans application if the proposed works:

  • include the construction, extension or underpinning of a building within three metres of a drain, sewer or disposal main shown on any map of sewers
  • are in relation to a building to which the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005(a) applies
  • include the erection of a building fronting onto a private street (If you are unsure whether your building is sited next to a private street, please contact Essex Highways on [email protected]).

No formal approval of plans is given and the work is checked mainly through site inspection. Therefore you should be confident that the work you carry out on site will comply as there will not be any approved drawings to refer to. You may commence work 48 hours after giving the building notice. However you must inform the Council when the work will be starting to enable an inspection to be carried out. Please see Site inspections for more information.

There is also information available on unauthorised works.

Please be aware if you are downloading a copy of the application form you will need to supply
  • One copy of the application form
  • A plan of the site showing the position of the new house or extension