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What are building regulations

What are building regulations

Building regulations set standards for how buildings are designed, built and altered. This is to ensure:

  • the health and safety of people using the building.
  • buildings and their services are energy efficient.
  • people can easily access and move around inside a building.
  • dwellings and school buildings have the right amount of sound insulation.

What is the difference between building regulations and planning permission?

Planning permission deals with:

  • the correct use of land
  • the appearance of buildings
  • highway access and the impact of the development on the environment

Planning permission and building regulations are separate pieces of building law.

For most types of work you will need to have building regulation approval as well as obtaining planning permission. This means that you will need to make separate applications for planning permission and building regulation approval.

You can learn more about the difference between planning permission and building regulations from the Planning Portal website.

Braintree District Council Building Control has produced an introductory guide to give you some additional information if you are thinking of altering your home.