Let's recycle more!

Remember that most of the waste in your bin can be recycled! Paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, plastic packaging, tins, cans, aerosol cans and beverage cartons can all be recycled in the clear recycling sacks that we collect fortnightly from your kerbside. Food waste is collected every week from your food bin and garden waste can go in your green-wheeled bin. Glass bottles and jars and textiles and shoes can also be taken to your nearest recycling centre or recycling banks.

If you're having a clear-out of bulky items such as furniture or white goods, call the Tendring Reuse and Employment Enterprise who will collect them for reuse or recycling.

Alternatively, you can recycle many items of household waste at your nearest ECC Recycling Centre for Household Waste at Springwood Drive, Braintree and Perry Road, Witham

How to recycle glass bottles and jars: 

The Council has provided around 150 recycling centres all over the District for collecting glass - find your nearest glass bank . Please leave tops on bottles and jars as they will be recycled in the same recycling plant.

We do not collect bottles and jars kerbside as it would mean the Council would need to provide a special receptacle such as a kerbside box to every household.  We would also have to provide separate specialised vehicles and crews to collect glass and sort the different colours at the roadside. This would be very expensive and there is currently no funding available.