Fake GOV.UK Emails and Phone Calls

Please be aware we have received reports of fake emails and phone calls pretending to be from GOV.UK being sent to customers in the Braintree District. Please read our news story for more information.

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Before throwing something away, why not check if someone else is interested in having it? 

There are a few ways to give new life to to your unwanted items, and help the environment by creating less waste:

Charity Shops

Charity shops provide affordable, good quality items whilst raising money for charity. The below list shows what charity shops will generally accept as a donation:

  • Clothes and shoes;
  • Bags and accessories:
  • Books 
  • Children's toys
  • DVDs, CDs and vinyl
  • Paintings and ornaments

For any doubts please contact individual shops. 

Textile Banks

Old and unwanted textiles can be taken to a textile bank located at one of the recycling centres in the Braintree district.

You can view the Recycle Now website to find out what can go in a textile bankand where the nearest to you is.

Online groups

Another way to pass on your unwanted items is through services like FreegleFreecyle or Preloved.

Items such as furniture, bikes, unwanted presents, toys and many more can be posted online and quickly collected from your property.  This makes it easy and quick to get rid of your items, and saves you a trip to the local recycling centre.

Book a bulky waste collection

If you're having a clear-out of bulky items such as furniture or white goods, call the Tendring Reuse and Employment Enterprise who will collect them for a small charge.