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Election notices and consultations

Election notices and consultations

Notices and Consultations

Casual Vacancies

In accordance with the Local Government Act 1972 the following Parish Councils are inquorate and are required to hold elections so as to conduct Parish business:


Notice of Election - Alphamstone
Notice of Uncontested - Alphamstone
Statement of Persons Nominated - Alphamstone


Notice of Election - Lamarsh
Notice of Uncontested - Lamarsh
Statement of Persons Nominated - Lamarsh


Notice of Election - Cressing
Notice of Uncontested - Cressing
Statement of Persons Nominated - Cressing


Notice of Election - Panfield
Notice of Uncontested - Panfield
Statement of Persons Nominated - Panfield

If you plan to stand as a candidate, please download and fill out the required forms in the Nomination Pack

Referendum Notice: The Local Government Act 2000 - The Local Authorities (Referendums) (Petitions and Directions) (England) Regulations 2000

Be advised that, as at 15 February 2019 at least 5863 (5%) of the local government electors in the Braintree District Council area will be required to petition the authority for a referendum on whether the authority should operate executive arrangements which involve an elected Mayor.

This number will be used to determine the validity of petitions presented between 1 April 2019 and 31 March 2020.

Ian Hunt
Head of Governance
Causeway House
Bocking End