Attending committee meetings

Who can attend a committee meeting?

Committee Meetings are open to the public and the Council welcomes your attendance. Agendas and reports setting out the issues to be discussed are available from the Council offices before the meeting and at the meeting itself. Although the meetings are held in public, a Committee may hold part of its meeting in private when confidential information is being discussed.

Asking questions at a committee meeting 

You may ask a question or make a statement at any of the Council's public meetings. The usual procedure for dealing with matters at a Committee is for the responsible officer to give a brief verbal report on the item.

This will be followed by questions from the Members leading to a proposal to approve, refuse or defer the issue being discussed. The Chair will sum up the discussion and, if necessary, a vote will be taken.

Can I leave a meeting early? 

You may only be interested in one of the items on the agenda and once this item has been dealt with you may leave the meeting. However, it is important to remember that the meeting is still taking place and we ask you to leave as quietly as possible. If there is a confidential matter to be discussed, this is normally dealt with at the end of the meeting and members of the public will be asked to leave in such cases.

Can I view meetings online?


We provide webcasts of Council, Cabinet and Planning meetings that can be watched live or for up to 6 months after the meeting date.