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Attending committee meetings

Attending committee meetings

Who can attend a committee meeting?

Committee Meetings are open to the public and the Council welcomes your attendance. Agendas and reports setting out the issues to be discussed are available from our website before the meeting. The agendas and reports are published 5 clear working days before the meeting. Although the meetings are held in public, a Committee may hold part of its meeting in private when confidential information is being discussed.  Should the meeting move into private session, members of the public and press will be asked to leave the meeting for the duration of the private session.  If the meeting is being webcast the webcast will also be stopped for the duration of the private session.

Can I leave a meeting early? 

You may only be interested in one of the items on the agenda and once this item has been dealt with you may leave the meeting. However, it is important to remember that the meeting is still taking place and we ask you to leave as quietly as possible. If there is a confidential matter to be discussed, this is normally dealt with at the end of the meeting and members of the public will be asked to leave in such cases.

Can I view meetings online?

Not all of the Council's meetings are webcast. The following meetings of the Council are webcast an can be watched live or for up to 6 months after the meeting date.

  • Council
  • Cabinet
  • Planning
  • Local Plan Sub-Committee

Watch a live or archived committee meeting

Ad hoc arrangements may be made for the webcasting of other Committees of the Council should the Council consider that it is appropriate to do so.

Those meetings which are not webcast are audio recorded.

Please see the relevant agenda for details of webcasting and audio recording arrangements.

If you require any further information regarding attending a Committee meeting, please email the Governance and Members Team.