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Consultation on Local Validation List

Consultation on Local Validation List

Review of the Braintree District Council’s Local List for Validation of Development Management Applications

Since 2008 local planning authorities have been required to publish a list of information they require to “validate” the planning applications they receive. This validation list forms two components, the national requirements, including the application form, the fee, certificates, etc and secondly, specific local validation requirements known as the “Local List”. Braintree District Council’s adopted its current validation requirements in February 2015.

The Government requires local planning authorities to review the “local list” every two years. In addition, there continue to be a significant number of changes to planning legislation, policy, and guidance. It is therefore considered timely to review the Braintree District Council’s current validation requirements, especially given the current status of the emerging Braintree District Council’s Local Plan, which is now at the examination stage.

The main changes that are proposed are as follows:

  • Amendments to all sections to make the requirements clearer and updating the references to current legislation, guidance and standing advice
  • All website references have been updated where necessary
  • Revision of new requirements to demonstrate compliance with policies in the Braintree District Council's Local Plan.

The Consultation Process

The public consultation ran for a 3 week period between 2nd January 2020 and 24th January 2020. 

We are now considering all the comments received and amend the Local List as appropriate. The proposed amendments will be considered for approval by the planning committee on February 18th, 2020. Once approved this will replace the current Local List and will form the basis on which planning applications are deemed valid by the Braintree District Council.

Local validation list downloads

In January 2020, we ran a three week consultation on proposed changes to our local validation list.

Following the consultation, we made submitted a final version for approval by Planning Committee.

Our Planning Committee approved our local validation list at their meeting on 18 February 2020.

We have now consolidated our local list with the national requirements into a single validation checklist.

You can use our planning validation checklist to find out:

  • what application form and supporting documents you need to submit for the work you are planning to carry out
  • the details of each supporting document and when you need to submit them