Enjoy Braintree district

The gentle rolling countryside around Braintree has been home to some less than gentle crusaders, famous explorers, ground breaking scientists, the American air force and world-changing industrialists.

It's also an area that knows how to kick back, relax and enjoy itself. Great golf, wonderful walking and unforgettable cycling - as well as even more wonderful pubs and restaurants - are what we're all about these days. Even Crusaders like Alberic "The Grim" de Vere would probably taken to wielding a club rather than a sword and set off down the fairway!

And you can afford to do it all in style as well - the Freeport Shopping Village at Braintree sees to that. Antiques are a local speciality - as you would expect from the home of the famous "Lovejoy" TV series.  If you are after something more unusual, the specialist shops of Braintree, Coggeshall, Halstead and Witham are the place to be.

If its entertainment you want, then you'll find everything from fascinating exhibitions at the Braintree District Museum, to the annual Puppetfest in Witham and numerous other events in the District.  Find out more at