Fraud and Scams

Types of Fraud

Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud is when someone wrongfully obtains or uses another person’s data in a way that involves fraud of deception, typically for financial use.

Advance Fee Fraud

Advance Fee Fraud is when victims are asked to make upfront payments for goods, services and/or financial gains that do not materialise.

Courier Fraud

Courier Fraud is when criminals call and convince you into handing your cards, PIN numbers and bank details to a courier either by phone or on your doorstep.

Bogus Tradesmen Fraud

Bogus tradesmen fraud is when clever tactics are used to persuade you into providing information that can be used for fraud or to buy items you do not want.

Boiler Room and Share Sale Fraud

These types of frauds involve bogus callers usually based overseas, cold calling people to persuade and pressurise them into buying shares and giving out their details that promise high returns. In reality the shares are either non-existent or worthless.

Pyramid Scheme (Ponzi) Fraud

Pyramid schemes involve an unsustainable business model which rewards people for enrolling

others into a business that offers a non-existent or worthless product. It is often called PONZI fraud, named after the fraudster Charles Ponzi the 1920’s financier who defrauded people with a get rich programme/scheme.

Property Fraud

Property Fraud is when you are offered a ‘get rich quick’ investment fund claiming it can make you a millionaire and persuade you to invest.

Online Shopping Fraud

Shopping and Auction fraud involves frauds that reply on online shopping through the internet.

Cheque Overpayment Fraud

Cheque overpayment fraud is when frauds pay a business for goods or services by a fraudulent or stolen cheque.

Computer Based Frauds

Computer based frauds involve many different fraud activities such as: Sell your details to other criminals, use of internet connection for illegal activity and impersonate you to obtain money or goods.

Mobile Phone Fraud

Mobile Phone fraud consists of a variety of criminals fraud acts which include: Missed call/text fraud, ringtone fraud, recorded message fraud and phone insurance fraud.

Recovery Fraud

Recovery fraud happens when former fraud victims are told the money they’ve lost can be recovered.

Money Mules

A money mule is a person who transfers stolen money between different countries. Money mules are often recruited by fraudsters to receive money into their bank account, then withdraw the money and wire it overseas, minus a commission payment.

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