Community led plans

In 2014 there were over 4000 community led plans being developed across England (source ACRE)

Community led planning is a process that enables ordinary residents to identify issues and influence what happens in their specific neighbourhood, village or town on a wide range of issues.

Parish and Town or Community Action Plan

An assessment of local services and facilities, their strengths, weaknesses and future community needs. It results in an 'Action Plan' outlining projects to tackle the issues of identified: timescale, costs and organisations involved. Find out more about Parish and Town or Community Action Plan.

Design Statement

An assessment of the character of the built and natural environment and elements of design that are of local significance.  It results in 'Guidelines' that are used in the determination of planning applications.

Neighbourhood Plan

An assessment of land use, infrastructure and aspirations for development and conservation. It results in a vision and planning objectives for the area, together with 'Policies' to guide future development as part of a statutory planning document. Find out more about Neighbourhood Plan.