Community right to bid (assets of community value)

Braintree community groups can help protect community assets by nominating it to a list of assets of community value.

A building of piece of land is an asset of community value if it is at least partly within the Braintree district and its main use has recently been to further the social wellbeing or social interest of the local community and it could do so in the future.

If land or buildings on the list come up for sale in the future then the local community has the option of six months to prepare a bid to buy the asset.

National criteria on the local community groups who may make a nomination

  • Neighbourhood forums
  • Parish or town councils
  • Unincorporated bodies
    • Members must include at least 21 individuals, and
    • Must not distribute any surplus it makes to members
  • Charities
  • Companies limited by guarantee who do not distribute surpluses to its members; or
  • Community interest companies

Nominations must include

  • A description of the nominated asset including its boundaries
  • The names of current occupants of the asset and anyone having a freehold or leasehold estate in the land
  • Your reasons for thinking that the asset is of community value and
  • Evidence that you are eligible to make a community nomination

To help you collect together this information we have drawn up a form which you can use.  Nomination form for assets of community value. You may also make a nomination via a letter or email if you prefer, but you must include all the information which is set out on the form.