Recycling for flats

Recycling facilities for flats

A new recycling scheme for flats 

In 2014, Braintree District Council submitted a successful bid for grant funding from the Government, to increase recycling and reduce residual waste from flats throughout the District. New recycling bins were introduced in suitable blocks of flats to improve the way in which residents store and dispose of recycling, whilst improving the quality and amount collected. As an incentive to launch this project, the “Recycling Reward Scheme” was carried out between December 2016 and July 2017. No Council money has been used in any part of the Reward Scheme programme.

If your block does not have these recycling bins, please continue to recycle using the fortnightly clear sack kerbside collection system. Just make sure that you put your clear sacks out at the front boundary/kerbside by 7a.m. on the recycling collection days scheduled for your road.