Updating the Housing StatNav

The Housing StatNav provides very detailed information about 55 locations in the Braintree District; covering the District as a whole, the three towns and then 51 parishes and parish-clusters across the District.

The analysis section of the website is where we will publish comparisons and further analysis of this data. We are also intending to provide updates to the data on the towns and parishes in the future.

All information on planned updates to the data will be posted on this page.

If you would like to be notified when any new analysis or updates to the data are available you can register for alerts

Updates to date:

  • March 2013 - The Housing StatNav went live with detailed 2012 data, Key Housing Needs Statistics for each location and analysis.
  • October 2013 - The Housing StatNav has been updated with a '2013 Snapshot' Key Housing Needs Statistics for each location. The original Key Housing Needs Statistics have been re-labelled as the '2012 Snapshot'
  • November 2013 - Average Waiting times for homes (2009 to 2013) have been added to the Analysis section.