Colne Engaine - Information about Parishes in the district

Overview of the Parish

Colne Engine is a Parish in the mid-eastern portion of the Braintree District. The Parish is located directly to the north of the larger village of Earls Colne and to the west of the District's market town of Halstead.

Colne Engaine is also adjacent to the parishes of White Colne, Pebmarsh, Greenstead Green & Halstead Rural.

The population of Colne Engine is 1,008 (Census 2011).

Map of the Parish

For a location plan which shows where the Parish of Colne Engaine is located within the rest of the Braintree District, please download the Key Housing Needs Statistics for Colne Engaine. 

Housing needs statistics

Guide to data & sources (Parishes version)

A guide to reading the key housing needs statistics. It contains more detailed information on sources and how to read and interpret the data.

Colne Engaine Housing Needs Statistics

Download the Colne Engaine housing needs statistics