Braintree and Bocking

Brief overview of the town

Braintree is the main market town in the Braintree District and provides employment, town centre retail provision and community services. In addition, on the edge of the town, the Freeport Factory Outlet Centre provides retail and leisure facilities, which serve an area that extends outside the District. 

Braintree and Bocking are located just slightly south-west from the centre of the District. The housing needs data about Braintree includes Bocking, but does not include Great Notley - which has its own data as a separate village. 

The population of Braintree and Bocking is 44,499 (Census 2011). 

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For a location plan which shows where Braintree & Bocking is located in relation to the rest of the Braintree District, please download the Key Housing Needs Statistics for Braintree & Bocking.