Landlords Select scheme

The Landlord Select scheme is a package developed around the needs of landlords who are willing to work with our Housing Options team to house families.

If you have one or more properties to rent and meet the Landlord Select scheme criteria, you can have access to:

  • a one-off payment of £100 at the start of each family size tenancy from one of our nominations
  • a dedicated landlord email address to send details about upcoming vacancies, or to seek advice on tenancy matters
  • a key point of contact at the in our Housing Options team who will be able to work with our other teams if you need them
  • a follow up call to you and your three months into the tenancy to make sure everything is okay
  • a newsletter every six months to tell you about new legislation and policy changes which may affect landlords
  • a paid deep clean at the end of the tenancy If you agree to take a tenant who has a dog

We will also work with you and your tenants to improve the energy efficiency of your property including:

  • providing new tenants with energy-saving devices (bulbs and power-down devices)
  • giving tenants information about how to keep their bills down
  • providing you with flush-reducing devices for WCs which don’t have twin flush systems
  • where appropriate and with your consent, we will help tenants apply for grants for:
    • cavity-wall insulation
    • loft insulation
    • other energy-saving improvements

If we can help people make savings on their utility bills there will be less risk of them prioritising these payments over their rent. You will benefit from an improvement to your property.

Join the scheme

To be part of our Landlord Select scheme you must:

  • provide a written tenancy agreement
  • have a suitable property
  • meet the criteria of a fit and proper person

Suitable properties

Essentially, properties must be free of risks which could pose a danger to tenants or visitors including:

  • having a gas safety certificate or the equivalent for oil heating
  • checking electrical installations and any appliances are in good repair
  • having the property in a reasonable physical condition
  • making sure any furniture meets fire safety standards
  • providing an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • putting any cash deposit into one of the approved Deposit Protection schemes

These will be the sort of things you do anyway to make sure you meet legislative requirements and protect your investment.

We will need you to provide smoke alarms. Also, if your property has any appliances which run on fossil fuel, you will need to provide a carbon monoxide detector. We can help you with the supply and maintenance of these alarms if you need us to.

Landlord assessment

To join the scheme you will need to complete our fit and proper person assesment.

Complete a landlord assessment

The form has two sections:

  • section 1 is for landlords who manage their own properties
  • section 2 is for agents and property managers

You will not have to complete the form for every letting or every property. Once we have the form we will just need to check with you on an occasional basis that the information remains the same.

After you join

Once you have joined the scheme to help us, and your tenants, we will ask you to:

  • let us know immediately if a tenant misses a payment or gives you any other concern. The sooner you involve us, the better the chance of being able to sort things out
  • keep all your certificates up to date
  • give us a couple of weeks’ notice of a vacancy coming up. This will help us to have a new tenant for you as soon as your property is ready to let so that you don’t miss out on rent payments
  • let us know if, after inviting us to find you a new tenant, you’re going to let a property to someone else. This will mean we don’t waste our time finding you a tenant and doing all of our administration

You can contact us if you have any questions about the Landlord Select scheme.



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