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Online forms: Report a nuisance

Online forms: Report a nuisance

Reporting a nuisance 

How do I report a nuisance? 

  1. Please select "Begin this form below" to inform us of a nuisance (e.g. noise, light, smoke, odour)  or contact us during Office hours on 01376 552525 and ask for Environmental Services.
  2. If you are reporting a noise nuisance out of hours (see hours of operation below) please call 01376 552525.  Please be aware that there is an automated message initially which will advise you that the phone lines are closed – please hold and when prompted select option 3 to speak to an operator.

When is the out of hours service operational?

  • Friday from 9 pm to Saturday at 2 am
  • Saturday from 9 pm to Sunday at 2 am  

Outside of the above times, please complete the online form OR contact us on the next working day.

What is the out of hours service?

Braintree District Council operates a year-round out of hours noise service (with the exception of the two Christmas and New Year weekends). This service deals with noise which may require immediate action, such as:

  • music from late night noisy parties
  • music from Licensed premises
  • intruder alarms
  • car alarms

To be able take any formal action on the night, it will be necessary to visit you at your property.  If you are not willing for this to happen then formal action will not be possible.  Please bear this in mind when contacting the out of hours service.

The procedure

During the visit to your property, Officers will discuss with you what may be possible that evening.  Officers will determine whether to take action that evening but are not expected to place themselves at undue risk.  Police assistance may be considered necessary but action will not be taken on the night if the Police are unable to attend.

For alarm noise, reasonable attempts to contact the property owner will be made to try and silence the alarm.  However, if the owner cannot be contacted a warrant needs to be obtained but this will not be possible until the next working day.

For written complaints or when the out of hours service is not operating, the first step is to send a letter to both the subject of the noise and the complainant.  The complainant will be expected to keep a record of disturbances to allow a decision to be made over what further action, if any, may be possible by this Authority.

Where a statutory nuisance is identified, an abatement notice shall be served upon the person responsible for the noise.  Breaches of any such notice, if witnessed, may be prosecuted in the Magistrates’ Court by this Authority.

Anti-social behaviour investigated by Braintree District Council can be witnessed by the out of hours officers and reported back to the investigating officer’

How long will it take to get a response to my noise complaint?

When utilising the out of hours service phone number, you will usually be able to discuss the issue that evening.  In all other cases, the Council aims to respond to nuisance complaints within three working days.