Online forms: Application for larger or additional grey wheeled bins

Please read the guidelines below before filling out a larger bin form.

You will only qualify for a larger bin if:

  • You are a permanent household of 4 or more people
  • You recycle all recyclable items
  • You separate all your food waste
  • You take your glass to the bring banks

Please note pet waste is not taken into account when assessing for a larger bin. If you have any special circumstances or wish to discuss with a member of the recycling team, please email us at

Application for larger or additional grey wheeled bins

The information you supply is collected to determine if you are eligible for a larger grey bin. The data you give will be processed in accordance with our obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.

Braintree District Council reserves the right to review larger/additional grey bins periodically and may withdraw them if your circumstances have changed.

How long will it take for my bin to arrive?

We aim to deliver larger or additional bins within fourteen working days.