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How do I comment on a planning application?

You can submit your comments, before the expiry date on the site notice / neighbour notification letter, quoting the reference number and site address:
  • Via the web site. Find the planning application you wish to comment on and follow the relevant link on the application page to submit your comments.
  • By email to
  • In writing to reduce the risk of identity fraud please do not sign letters with a signature or provide personal information such phone numbers or email addresses.

Please keep comments to the planning merits / concerns about the development, such as the design of the proposed development, effect on its surroundings, highway safety, residential amenity, trees or the historic environment.

Some matters are not seen as planning considerations and should be avoided when making comments on an application. Examples include the effect on property value, loss of a view, private covenant or private interests, suspicion about future intentions or the personal circumstances of the applicant.

The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) provides a voluntary Planning Aid Service which is a source of free, independent and impartial planning advice to individuals and communities who cannot afford professional fees. They may be able to provide help on commenting on an application. More details are available on the RTPI website.

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