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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply for discretionary housing payment

Claiming a Discretionary Housing Payment

If you still require extra financial help with your housing costs you can apply for an Discretionary Housing Payment

A Discretionary Housing Payment is an extra payment we make if we think that you need extra help with your housing costs.

A Discretionary Housing Payment has to be applied for and is for short term use only. The money used to award Discretionary Housing Payments comes from central government. Each Local Authority receives a set amount each year.

The purpose of a Discretionary Housing Payment is to:

  • Prevent homelessness
  • Alleviate poverty
  • Safeguard residents in their home
  • Keep families together
  • Help claimants through personal crises and difficult events
  • Provide tenants with time to re-assess their situation and find a long time solution

To apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment please put in writing stating your reasons you need extra financial help.

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