5. Non-Key Decisions

5.1. A decision that is legally within the power of the Cabinet to make that is not a Key Decision. Non-key decisions can be taken by a Cabinet Member, a sub-committee of Cabinet or an officer. The following are examples of non-key decisions:-

5.1.1.  Implementing approved budgets or policies and strategies where there is little or no further choice involved and the main decision has already been taken by the Council in agreeing the budget and policy framework;

5.1.2.  Implementing approved actions and targets in annual service plans;

5.1.3.  Decisions by the S.151. Officer which are part of the ordinary financial administration of the Authority, notably those relating to investments, within the agreed Treasury Management policy;

5.1.4.  Implementing projects for which specific conditions have been attached by external funders, such as the Government or European Union;

5.1.5.  The award of contracts for the provision of works, goods and services, within an agreed policy and budget and where a decision has been made;

5.1.6.  Changes arising from amendments to statute where there is little or no discretion;

Advice on the Constitution can be obtained from the Monitoring Officer or the Governance and Members Team.