1. Principles of Decision Making

1.1. Any decision made by the Council will be made in accordance with the following principles and in accordance with the procedure rules set out in part two of this Constitution:-

1.1.1.  proportionality: that is, the action taken will be proportionate to the desired outcome;

1.1.2.  decisions will be taken following due consultation and taking into consideration professional advice from officers;

1.1.3.  due regard will be shown for human rights and all decisions will be based on balancing the rights of the individual against the public good;

1.1.4.  open transparent decision making;

1.1.5.  clarity in the aim and desired outcome of decisions;

1.1.6.  decisions will be taken that comply with the law and this Constitution.

1.1.7.  Due regard will be had to the Human Rights Act 1998, particularly Article 6 right to a fair trial when considering matters with contested information.

Advice on the Constitution can be obtained from the Monitoring Officer or the Governance and Members Team.